The Sea, The Sea

I'm sitting on the trunk of a tree, an abandoned piece of timber that looks rough. A tree's life has secrets of its own, untold. I close my eyes, listen to the constant movement. I open up my eyelids and absorb the waves and the froth. There is something reassuring about the sea, it lies in … Continue reading The Sea, The Sea


A poetic encounter in Port Douglas

  The month of March was hot, humid in Port Douglas. As we say in French, it was "heavy", which could only mean one thing, there would be rain within the next few days. I found shelter from the heat of the sun under a little hut, there was a table with two benches, probably for … Continue reading A poetic encounter in Port Douglas

Lonely Sailor

    "I know my limits, that's why I'm beyond". Serge Gainsbourg When I was 17, sitting in a French class, a teacher barged in and asked out of the blue if anyone with a good level of English would be interested in a French language assisting job in a British school. At the time, … Continue reading Lonely Sailor

Dog sitting in the Australian bush

My first experience ever with HelpX happened in Western Australia. I needed a break from all the backpacking and hostel life. The problem was I wanted to see what the Australian way of life was like, in hostels you meet European travellers, you rarely meet Australians. A couple was looking for a helper at their home, not … Continue reading Dog sitting in the Australian bush

Kaiteriteri, Kiwi bliss

I have a confession to make: I am not much of a mass tourism fan. What I like is to live like locals, a cultural immersion, I don't want to pay to be in a place for a short while without putting my soul into it. I want to breathe its atmosphere and be a … Continue reading Kaiteriteri, Kiwi bliss

Lost on an island in Laos with elephants

The first reason I went to Laos was this place. I knew of the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is now very famous. There they have many more elephants than the ECC. However France and Laos share history together and I was drawn to that place. My instinct wasn't wrong, that place … Continue reading Lost on an island in Laos with elephants

Bon voyage!

Travelling is part of me, I cannot remain static. Life is an alternation of inertia and movement. Travelling is a key to open the gates of new cultures, because we should never content ourselves with what we already know. Discovering music, food, landscapes, people is part of stimulating your brain, eventually it helps open your […]