You can be a dreamer, you can be a wanderer. Travelling is eye-opening, self-discovery is round the corner too. If you think like me: how can I be a responsible traveller, how can I respect this earth and get to see the world, then you might enjoy my personal experiences. I like story-telling, sharing stories, so let’s share!

I owe the name of my blog to a girl I met in Melbourne. We were both in a dark place and started talking to each other, I like listening to people. When I told her my name was Julia Walks, she burst out laughing and said “Julia Walks, no destination”. I thought it was a good description of my travels and wrote it down. Rachael from Sydney, I hope you are well, thank you for letting me in your beautiful universe for a few days.

Oh, I forgot, try walking barefoot at least once a day while travelling, it will do your soul good. Take my word for it.


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